Is it time to
refresh what you measure?

Your numbers probably aren’t telling the real story of your ministry. You can change that.

For decades, churches measured “nickels and noses” as the ultimate signs of ministry success. But this only tells part of the story. A church can have a building full of people on Sunday and money to fund the ministry, but at the same time become off-mission, sick, sterile … stuck.

Chapter 8, “Refreshing the Metrics,” is about learning how to look at metrics differently:

  • Understand the power of measuring engagement on all levels
  • Read case studies on how others have put new metrics into practice
  • Get a fresh perspective to get your church back on mission

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Amazon Best Seller from verteran church starter Steve Pike


“If you’ve ever surfed, you know that not every wave is worth riding and that lulls between sets are normal. The ultimate goal is to ride the best possible wave, get off it before it loses its forward momentum and then paddle back out to prepare to catch the next wave. Pastoral ministry is similar only it has eternal consequences. In this book Steve addresses 12 shifts that will help you (re)learn to read the waves and will encourage you to wait out the lulls.”

Dr. Jeffery Portmann Church Multiplication Network Director