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Next Wave:
Discovering the 21st-Century Church

New Book  from Veteran Church Starter Steve Pike

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In the last decades of the 20th century, many churches moved to the suburbs. That was great.

That’s where the souls were.

But more and more, people are moving back into the cities. And the culture-shaping “urban mindset” — which is often post-Christian and even pre-Christian — is spreading everywhere.

Pastor and church planting leader Steve Pike saw this shift happening.

He’s helped start hundreds of faith communities worldwide through both the Church Multiplication Network and his organization, Urban Islands Project.

And in his new book, Next Wave: Understanding the 21st Century Church, Steve reveals everything he’s learned. In it, he addresses the twelve mind shifts we need to make if we’re going to stay effective in ministry.

It asks us to innovate everything from discipleship to funding. From worship to real estate.

Everything is changing. Are you ready?

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*For US orders you may use the link above. For International orders please purchase directly from Amazon.

Here’s what people are saying about Next Wave

“Coming out of the pandemic, expect to see many books on the church and its future. But what sets Next Wave apart is that Steve Pike has actually led successful church multiplication at the grassroots and at the highest levels of organizational leadership. Long before the disruption of the pandemic, Steve saw the need to shift things in order to create space for a new wave of church planting. There may be no next wave if we don’t consider what he’s written here.”

Daniel Yang, Director of the Send Institute

“Every generation has to rediscover and reimagine the church and its mission. This book will help you do just that. The good news? There are ways of doing church that no one has thought of yet.”

Mark Batterson, Author, Lead Pastor, National Community Church

“Steve Pike has done it again. He brings life experiences, expertise and a rich network of practitioners to provide conversations that will release imaginations on what the church’s next level effectiveness looks like.”

Doug Clay, General Superintendent, Assemblies of God, USA

“Steve Pike is dedicated to the preferred future of the church, and it’s mission in the world. This book is an insightful, visionary and helpful guide that brings clarity to both heart and mind. Recommended!”

Lead Pastor, Salt Church Norway Superintendent, Norwegian Pentecostal Movement

“Steve Pike is one of my heroes…a fellow pioneer and a friend. Steve’s ministry focus in these days is equipping pioneers called to “the heart of the city”. Next Wave is written to the pioneers of today. He helps us learn the ways of Jesus so we can translate the Story of Jesus where He sends us. Though Steve has urban ministry in mind, the twelve shifts Steve gives us will work anywhere. As you read Steve’s wisdom, let the Spirit show you how to ride His wave where He’s sent you.”

Dr. Tim Roehl, President/Itinerant Multiplier, Fit & Flourish Network. Author, TransforMissional Coaching and Game Plan: Developing Intentional Missional Ministry

“If you’ve ever surfed, you know that not every wave is worth riding and that lulls between sets are normal. The ultimate goal is to ride the best possible wave, get off it before it loses its forward momentum and then paddle back out to prepare to catch the next wave. Pastoral ministry is similar only it has eternal consequences. In this book Steve addresses 12 shifts that will help you (re)learn to read the waves and will encourage you to wait out the lulls.”

Dr. Jeffery Portmann Church Multiplication Network Director
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Understand the twelve shifts necessary for every 21st-century church leader.

Rediscover the Church. From Building the Institution to Catalyzing a Movement.

Recalibrate the Timeline. From Launching to Emerging.

Reimagine Discipleship. From Discipleship as a Program to a Lifestyle of Disciple-Making.

Refresh the Metrics. From Bodies in the Pews to Disciples in the Marketplace.

Reinvent Funding. From Self-Sustaining to Sustainable.

Refocus Church Habits. From Calendar Driven to Mission Driven.

Rethink Team-Building. From Titles and Positions to Communities of Disciples on mission with Jesus.

Re-Consider Core Values. From Institution Focused to Mission Oriented.

Redeem Architecture. From Empty Buildings to Fully Utilized Assets.

Recommit to Multiplication. From Addition to Movement.

Reclaim the Ecosystem. From Isolating to Complementing.

Reactivate Spirit Dependence. From Duty to Necessity.

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Discover the Church’s Next Adventure
on Mission with Jesus.

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*For US orders you may use the link above. For International orders please purchase directly from Amazon.

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In Next Wave, Steve Pike, veteran church starter and Urban Islands Project founder, will give you the tools you need to minister effectively in the 21st century.

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