Go from Building an institution
to Catalyzing a Movement

Most church leaders have yet to slow down long enough to define the very essence of what the local church is.

Is it possible that over the years, the simple, clear-cut mission of Jesus has itself become lost in the organization structures and man made traditions of the church? For the church to be effective in the 21st Century challenges us to ask, “Are my current methods in partnership with Jesus and His mission or have they become an end to themselves?”

In Chapter 1, Rediscover the Church, you will:

  • Gain a fresh perspective on what the 21st Century Church looks like.
  • Learn how to recenter your church on the mission of Jesus
  • Shape new strategies and methods for your church

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Amazon Best Seller from veteran church starter Steve Pike


“If you’ve ever surfed, you know that not every wave is worth riding and that lulls between sets are normal. The ultimate goal is to ride the best possible wave, get off it before it loses its forward momentum and then paddle back out to prepare to catch the next wave. Pastoral ministry is similar only it has eternal consequences. In this book Steve addresses 12 shifts that will help you (re)learn to read the waves and will encourage you to wait out the lulls.”

Dr. Jeffery Portmann Church Multiplication Network Director