Move your ministry from addition to multiplication.

The 20th Century church has taught us to focus on the “big days” to draw people to our ministry. What if there was a better way?

Without a multiplication mindset, the local church can’t fulfill the great commission and be as healthy as God intended. Every church can discover the guiding model for multiplication that best fits their context. The 21st-century church requires us to be fully engaged in new ways to expand our reach to people. 

In Chapter 11, ‘Recommit to Multiplication”, you will:

  • Learn how to go from addition to multiplication in your ministry
  • Gain insight from “outside the box” discipleship methods
  • Reprioritize equipping leaders for the work of the ministry

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Amazon Best Seller from verteran church starter Steve Pike


“If you’ve ever surfed, you know that not every wave is worth riding and that lulls between sets are normal. The ultimate goal is to ride the best possible wave, get off it before it loses its forward momentum and then paddle back out to prepare to catch the next wave. Pastoral ministry is similar only it has eternal consequences. In this book Steve addresses 12 shifts that will help you (re)learn to read the waves and will encourage you to wait out the lulls.”

Dr. Jeffery Portmann Church Multiplication Network Director