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The Neighborliness Network brings church, business, and nonprofit leaders together to learn biblical practices for holistic community engagement and create custom community development plans so that they can love like Jesus, cross dividing lines, and transform their communities.
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Why Neighborliness?

Cities are the epicenters of America’s culture. If the Church is going to recover from its current bout of cultural laryngitis, it will take faith-fueled church, business, and nonprofit leaders working together for their cities’ healing, development, and flourishing. That’s why the Neighborliness Network was created: to gather pastors with faith-fueled business and nonprofit leaders online to study and learn the community-development research, policies, and practices needed to help their cities and citizens flourish.

Join Weekly Conversations With Neighborliness Leaders

Upcoming meetups include:
  • "Strategic Development of Kingdom Property" with Mark Batterson
  • "Evangelism Across Dividing Lines" with Christine Cane"
  • "Exploring Social, Economic, and Spiritual Needs in Your Community" with Mark DeYmaz
  • "Exploring Racial Equity in Education" with Dr. James Ford
  • "The Role of the Body of Christ in Heathcare" with Gary Gunderson
  • "The Body of Christ in Local, State, and Federal Government" with David Vazquez
  • "BLESS: 5 Everyday Ways to Love Your Neighbor and Change the World" with Jon Ferguson
  • "Business as Justice: How Entrepreneurs Can Shape the Future of Cities" with David Docusen + Various Business Leaders
All live meetups are reposted for later viewing and discussion, so jump in and join the conversation today!

How Our Group Can Help

Collaborate daily with like-minded leaders from all over the country.

This is a community of doers. Ask honest questions that you can’t ask publicly without the fear of “saying the wrong thing.” Gain valuable perspective and get meaningful feedback from seasoned leaders who have navigated the waters of faith, policy, and culture.

Become peacemakers for your community.

The Bible teaches that shalom is “the peace that comes from wholeness.” Help your church learn the language of unity, root out divisive political discourse, and become a source of shalom for your city.

Help your city heal.

Learn how to navigate the diverse intricacies of your community’s perspectives, policies, and people so you can help bridge divides and heal old wounds.

David Docusen leads the Neighborliness Network Group in the Next Wave Online Community!
Meet Your Group Leader

The Neighborliness Network is led by David Docusen.

Dr. David Docusen is the founder and director of The Neighborliness Center. He has spent twenty years investing into the kingdom of God as an author, speaker, pastor, church planter, and professor. His work focuses on engaging communities through equitable access to education, employment, healthcare, and housing. His book, Neighborliness: Love Like Jesus. Cross Dividing Lines. Transform Your Community., is a practical guide to crossing dividing lines of race and economics to share the message of Jesus.

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Love like Jesus. Cross dividing lines. Transform your community.

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Network with other cross-sector organizations and leaders and build partnerships and plans for your community. Learn how to use Neighborliness frameworks and methodologies to develop your community in practical ways that lead to holistic healing.
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See Lasting Results In Your Ministry
Become Greatest-Commandment ambassadors and see the Kingdom of God established in your city as it is in heaven.

What Is Next Wave?

Next Wave is an online community and resource hub for 21st-century church leaders doing ministry in hard places. And in today’s culture, everywhere is a hard place.
The Next Wave book cover.

There are three responses to waves:

  • Miss Them.
  • Get Pulverized.
  • Ride Them.

The Next Wave was created to help leaders like you ride the cultural swell of the 21st century that is sweeping through our cities and churches. In the Next Wave Community, you’ll learn from church-starter veteran Steve Pike and collaborate in real-time with other leaders doing ministry in hard places. With the Next Wave book, you’ll discover the twelve key shifts needed for effective ministry in the 21st century.

Our group has partnered with Next Wave and hosts all of our content, resources, and meetups within their custom online platform. Your paid membership to our group grants you free access to the rest of the Next Wave Community and all of its resources.

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