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Is your church suffering from mission drift?

If you’re like most churches, your calendar is packed with services, events, and activities galore. But much about what we do has drifted towards those on the inside — people who are already disciples. What would happen if your church were to create habits around reaching the lost, too?

In Chapter 9, “Refocus Church Habits,” you will:

  • Gain insights into new habits to help you lead by mission
  • Learn how to build your church calendar around the mission
  • Develop fresh perspectives on holistic discipleship-making
  • Read stories from others who are thriving with these new habits

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Amazon Best Seller from verteran church starter Steve Pike


“If you’ve ever surfed, you know that not every wave is worth riding and that lulls between sets are normal. The ultimate goal is to ride the best possible wave, get off it before it loses its forward momentum and then paddle back out to prepare to catch the next wave. Pastoral ministry is similar only it has eternal consequences. In this book Steve addresses 12 shifts that will help you (re)learn to read the waves and will encourage you to wait out the lulls.”

Dr. Jeffery Portmann Church Multiplication Network Director