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Jonathan leads the Test Group Group in the Next Wave Online Community!

Online communities provide a premium opportunity for those of us who help 21st-century church leaders collaborate and grow.

But establishing one from scratch isn’t easy. You have to pick a platform, learn how to use it, market it, and make it sustainable.

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The Test Group is led by Jonathan.

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What Is Next Wave?

Next Wave is an online community and resource hub for 21st-century church leaders doing ministry in hard places. And in today’s culture, everywhere is a hard place.
The Next Wave book cover.

There are three responses to waves:

  • Miss Them.
  • Get Pulverized.
  • Ride Them.

The Next Wave was created to help leaders like you ride the cultural swell of the 21st century that is sweeping through our cities and churches. In the Next Wave Community, you’ll learn from church-starter veteran Steve Pike and collaborate in real-time with other leaders doing ministry in hard places. With the Next Wave book, you’ll discover the twelve key shifts needed for effective ministry in the 21st century.

Our group has partnered with Next Wave and hosts all of our content, resources, and meetups within their custom online platform. Your paid membership to our group grants you free access to the rest of the Next Wave Community and all of its resources.

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